Mini Sessions


Preparing for your Mini Session



Mini Sessions are periodically held through out the year some have a holiday theme to them while others do not. A Mini Session is set on a certain date where several sessions are held back to back, its not something you can book randomly, check my facebook page for current up coming Mini Session dates.

Try to book as soon as possible when the event Mini Session is announced as the prime time spot offer is usually taken very quickly, doing so will make it easier for you to get a good time spot for your child. Mini sessions are typically 30 to 45 minutes with pre set backgrounds and props.


What to bring

For a child’s session it is important to bring a few of their comfort and favorite things, along with snacks lots of snacks and treats. I typically have smarties on hand but just in case they are too young or don’t like smarties its good to have a backup plan.

A few things I recommend you bring . . .

  • anything you would like incorporated into your shoot. Special item to you and your family.
  • depending on which mini session, their costume, a holiday outfit, christmas PJ’s
  • snacks for you and your family

Preparing your Child

Make sure they get a good nights sleep the night before or a good nap if coming later in the day. Also make sure they have been fed at least an hour before the session so they are not hungry and grouchy.

A few days before the session let them know you are doing a photo shoot so it is not a surprise and over whelming to them. One great way to get them excited about the session is to get an old camera and let them pose you and take pictures and then show them the pictures they took. This sometimes means they will want to see every picture I take of them during the shoot but I don’t mind doing that for them:)

Preparing your family

If you have more than one child and are planning on having them photographed together and separately its a good idea to have  2 adults so that one can entertain the child not being photographed so they don’t get bored.


Mini Sessions planned for 2013






There may be a few more popping up during the year so become a fan on facebook to make sure you get the information right away!





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