Preparing for your Newborn Session



To insure a sleepy curly newborn is it best to schedule your session with in the first 12 days of life. After that your new little one will become more alert and will not be as easy to keep asleep and to pose into those adorable poses.

When scheduling your newborn session it is best to call and book a spot as early as you can. Please advise me of your due date and I will leave spaces available around that time. Once your baby is born please send me a quick email or phone call to let me know so I can send you all the available dates I have with in your new little ones first 12 days of life. Unless you are having a scheduled c-section, you are not going to know when your baby will be born, this is why the actual session date is not booked until after their arrival.


What to bring

A newborn session typically lasts up to 5 hours. Every newborn is different, some need the full 5 hours while others are done in 2, but I still recommend planning to be in my studio for at least 5 hours. I like to leave plenty of time for extra feedings, diaper changes, kisses, cuddles and cranky times. I have tons of props readily available to customize the session that is just right for you and your family. Everything in my studio is washable, so there is no need to get upset if your little one pees or poops on anything (or on anyone lol!). I have had my fair share on me and it comes with the job!

A few things I recommend you bring . . .

  • blankets that are special to you, dads hobby (guitar, star wars figures, etc.) favorite sports team (football, hats, baseball etc.), police and fireman gear for those who work in that field, family heirlooms, etc.
  • lots and lots of receiving blankets
  • snacks for you and your family

Preparing your Newborn

A newborn with a full belly is a sleepy, happy newborn. Please feed your baby just prior to coming or right when you arrive. Newborn sessions tend to make them hungrier than usual as it is a lot of stimulation for them and you will need to feed them repeatedly to put them back to sleep. Always take the time to burp them well as a gassy newborn is not a happy newborn.

For a few days before you come to the Newborn Session try to at least once a day put baby oil/lotion on them especially on spots that are very dry. Do not put baby oil/lotion on your Newborns face as it will only cause any baby acne to get worse. I will be editing out as much baby acne as I can as well as dry patches of skin and scratches, it just makes the editing process go quicker if their skin is nice and smooth to begin with, but don’t worry if its not.

Dress your Newborn in a lose one piece sleep to come to the session, make sure to also loosen their diaper. This will reduce the diaper marks from their naked little bottoms. You can bring in the diaper bag any outfits you might want them to be photographed in.

Preparing your family

First don’t forget the snacks . .  . it could be a long 5 hours and you don’t want to run out of energy! Snacks are a MUST.

Anyone being photographed I recommend dark pants or jeans, long sleeve black shirts or sweaters and white t-shirts or dress shirts.

The studio is very VERY warm (to keep your Newborn happy) so bring light comfortable clothes when your not being photographed so you don’t get over heated and try to keep your hair and makeup simple or it will not last in the heat. If you would like shoots of your Newborn in yours or your  partners hands make sure to put lotion on them and have nice clean trim finger nails.

If you are bringing any other children you have please bring a grandparent who can watch them while they are not being photographed, there is a toy room available for them to play in. Or we can do any shoots with the siblings first and have someone pick them up, it is a long time for them to sit around and wait.


The most important thing . . .

I have been photographing Newborns now for a year and they ALL go through a cranky period during the session. Some last longer than others, but don’t worry its completely normal. It just means its time for a cuddle break for your little one and that they need to know your there and they are safe. The best thing you can do if your Newborn starts to cry is NOT to get stressed out or worried, they can sense stress and it usually makes them cry more. If  your Newborn needs to take a break to be feed, walked, kissed, cuddled then that’s what we do.

Bottom line is  . . . they are the boss as small as they are. They will let us know what they are comfortable doing, what they are not and when they have had enough. So no pose can ever be guaranteed, I can do my best but in the end if your little is not comfortable then we should respect that.

Hopefully you will enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family!


Yvonne YungAugust 27, 2014 - 4:50 pm

Hello Deborah

My expected due date is Sept 26, and would like to know if you will be available around then for a newborn photo shoot? If so, how much is the cost and what options/packages do we have? Thanks!


kaycha bennetteSeptember 19, 2012 - 7:19 pm

Hi i have an 18 month old and a 3 month old.. would you do that age group together in one session

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