Preparing for your Maternity Session



When booking your maternity session it is best to book after you are 4 months along to make sure you have passed the “safe” zone. You should pick a date that falls between your 32 and 35 week of pregnancy. You want to be as big and beautiful as possible without risking going into labor before your session or being to tired to enjoy it. Its a good idea to make this the only activity for the day as you want to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Its a good idea to pamper yourself a bit before this session (and it gives you an excuse to), get a manicure or pedicure a few days before whether you go to a spa or do it at home it will help relax you.

Most Maternity session are done in-studio due to the nature of the shoot and clothing changes. If you are wishing to book an outdoor Maternity session please advise me a head of time.

What to bring

For a maternity session one of the main things to bring is an assortment of clothing.

A few articles of clothing I recommend you bring:

  • Men’s White dress shirt
  • Yoga pants
  • Solid Black or White tank tops
  • Pre pregnancy jeans (if you can get them above your hips but not done up that fine)
  • Maternity Jeans but with out the panels
  • You favorite Maternity outfit
  • Bring a brush and make up if you plan on wearing it for touch up after clothing changes
  • Bring cover up that matches your bellies skin tone if you have noticeable stretch marks

Depending on the type of pictures you want some other suggestions are:

  • Strapless bra
  • Boy cut lace undies
  • Solid black or white tank tops
  • Matching lingerie sets (Pre pregnancy that open in the front)
  • Bring a robe for wardrobe changes

Clothing choices for your partner and/or children:

  • Solid colored clothing that matches and/or compliments your clothing selected
  • Jeans

You and your belly are the star of this session so partner and/or children’s clothing should not be distracting so plaid or patterned clothing is not recommended, neither is big shinny watches and belt buckles.

Other items you might want to bring:

  • Ultra sound pictures of your new little one
  • Anything you would like incorporated into your shoot. Special item to you and your family, child hood books, family heirloom, special gift to the baby etc.

Preparing for your session

Make sure you get a good nights sleep the night before or a good nap if you are coming later in the day. Also make sure you have eaten at least an hour before the session so your not hungry.

A few hours before your session you should remove an tight fitting clothing, including your bra (you can put on a very lose one), socks, maternity pants, and jewelry as it will leave lines on you body. You should arrive in very loose clothing.  Try not to moisturize your belly at least an hour before the session or it will look too shinny. It is a good idea to moisturize you entire body for a week before the shoot to make sure your skin is smooth and not dry and flakey.

Blemishes, minor stretch marks, bruises and scratches should not be cause for worry every single woman has them and they should be a badge of honor in my opinion that you created something wonderful to receive those marks. You session fee includes 5 hours of editing time, so during that time I will remove and “fix” as many as I can. This is why it is helpful to come wearing loose fitting clothes because then editing out bra lines, or elastic lines doesn’t take away from the time that could be spent on stretch marks and such.

Preparing your family

If you are bringing another child and/or children it is a good idea to bring additional support (like grandma) to watch them as I will require you and your partners full attention during some of the session and children get bored easily.


The most important thing . . .

Your big beautiful belly and you will be the star of this session. Most maternity shoots, like weddings, cannot be re-shot, so don’t rush/stress yourself! Relax, enjoy and embrace your body and the wonders it is creating.

If you are bringing your other children with you to the session, and your child or children are having an off day and just not interested in being photographed. We can do 1 of 2 things; reschedule your session for another day if there is enough time and the schedule permits or we can proceed with out them and focus on the belly. We all have off days and its understandable that children have them too.

Hopefully you will enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family!


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