Cake Smash


Preparing for your Cake Smash Session



To make sure this is an enjoyable session for your child you want to book a time of day that is best for them even if it means having to wait a week or two because their best time of day is not available right away. There best time of day is when they are most happy, not hungry or sleepy, mainly their hyper time.

It is also a good idea to go over with me what type of shoots you are looking for are. During a cake smash session we try and get in a a set up or 2 of you child with the letters ONE and then do the cake smash at the end as they will get very messy.


What to bring

For a child’s session it is important to bring a few of their comfort and favorite things, along with snacks lots of snacks and treats. I typically have smarties on hand but just in case they are too young or don’t like smarties its good to have a backup plan.

A few things I recommend you bring . . .


  • A cake to smash (Due to allergies I do NOT provide the cake it is you responsibility to bring one)
  • A bath tub to wash up your child after the cake smash and a clean set of clothes for them to go in

Preparing your Child

Make sure they get a good nights sleep the night before or a good nap if coming later in the day. Also make sure they have been fed at least an hour before the session so they are not hungry and grouchy.


The most important thing . . .

If when you arrive and the session starts, and your child or children are having an off day and just not interested in being photographed, we can reschedule your session for another day. We all have off days and its understandable that children have them too.

Hopefully you will enjoy the experience of your session and this special bonding moment for your family!

MelodyJune 6, 2012 - 9:51 pm

What an adorable, jolly little fellow. Can’t blame him; that cake looks goooood! :P

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