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Well you made it this far and I am guessing you want to see the person behind the lens. So here I am! I am a mother to 2 amazing little boys and a wife to a great husband. I work 2 full time jobs one as a Graphic Designer/Digital Image Editor and the other as a Photographer.

My love and interest in photography started when I was around 6 years old. My parents bought me a camera and some film. I started to take pictures of everything, very random things but I liked seeing how the pictures turned out. Then I started to get out my cabbage patch kids, barbies and teddy bears and pose them as if they were having picnics, or family photos done. We have albums and albums of my cabbage patch kids . . . At the time even though I didn’t know it I believe this was the beginning of my prop obsession. I still to this day use a cabbage patch kid to check my lights before a shoot!

When I was in my teen years, photography was still there but it was in the back ground and it wasn’t until I went to college for Graphic Design the second time that it returned in full force. I became a paparazzi to everyone and anyone – cats, dogs and fish included or the documenter of life as I thought of it. Never with out a camera in my hand.

Once school was over I started out as a Graphic Designer. I did stock/product photography on the side which lead into real estate photography and slowly into portrait photography which I absolutely adore doing!

I have a wonderful supportive family and friends who have helped me learn and grow as an artist. An amazing mother who encourages me every step of the way, all while making me adorable props to use! Plus 3 amazing men in my life. With out them I would be no where!

Anne-Marie MillionAugust 20, 2014 - 4:49 pm

Hi Deborah
I got your name from Jenn Newbury and I am looking to purchase a gift for my niece and her finace who just had a baby girl August 9th to do a newborn photo sitting
she lives in Keswick around Willow beach across the lake
I am supposing there is a window of time to best capture the newborn stage – do you have any openings and if you can provide pricing
thanks so much
love you work!
Anne-Marie Million
Director of hospitality
cardinal golf club

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